welcome to a curated selection of our favorite gift ideas, featuring the best bridesmaid proposal gifts, gifts for your best friend’s birthday or a thoughtful just because gift to make that special someone’s day. happy gifting!

1. "the snacker" by modern picnic

price: $59

what they say: for the days you don’t have time to pack a full lunch, bring your favorite snacks and keep them cool and protected with the snacker. made of a premium vegan leather exterior with an insulated interior in a conveniently chic size.

our take: we’ve all been there. you packed the perfect salad for lunch and are planning to iron chef up a healthy dinner later…next thing you know its 3pm and you’re falling victim to all the cravings. the perfect gift to help your healthy[ish] friends + family avoid this, you ask? our favorite insulated snack pouch. perfect for snacks at your desk or on the go, beach treats, and bring-your-own plane snacks.

2. "the fetti" by shhhowercap

price: $43

what they say: the designer. bright, bold + always inspired. completely redesigned for form + function , the shhhowercap not only looks better, but works better too.

our take: give the gift of ‘moments to yourself’, ‘best looking day two [or four, but who’s counting] hair ever’, and ‘the best ideas come in the shower’….all in one. this is the showercap reinvented, for the woman who does it all…without getting her hair wet. [bonus: this is a great pop of color gift idea for someone who typically wears all black + neutrals like we do]

3. "the candy dish" by byrobynblair

price: $260

what they say: maybe your walls are full or perhaps you just need more candy. fill ‘em up or leave ‘em empty. no matter what, your love of candy is on display for all to see.

our take: guilt free candy? we are here for that. pick your special someone’s favorite treat, and robyn will turn it into the sweetest candy dish [pun 100% intended]. this art-meets-function piece is the perfect coffee table centerpiece and a forever colorful reminder of how sweet you are.

4. "the concrete candle" by dehv candle co

price: $38

what they say: at dehv candle co. we are proud to create modern, minimal, clean, and sustainable products by hand and with lots of love! all dehv candles are made with 100% natural concrete, non gmo soy wax and cotton wicks. they burn up to 55 hours, and we offer 10 incredible scents.

our take: modern, minimal, clean + sustainable; our four favorite words when it comes to candles. we love the concrete votive as a modern twist on the traditional candle and the minimalist packaging means it pairs with any home decor. our favorite scent is woodland but 10 scents means there’s something for everyone…your 10 bridesmaids, might we suggest? or the ten open spots in your candle collection? whichever.

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